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Who or what is QommuniQa Consultancy services?   

We are your personal technical and investigative expert to Protect Your Privacy

Background: The QommuniQa Corp. started in 1999 providing services in corporate structures and investigations, with extra services VORTEX TSCM security. Combined together eventually grew to one of the few professional European agency’s solely specialized in Corporate investigations and technical surveillance countermeasures better known as bug sweep combined with radio signal jammer technology. Hired by lawyers, accountancy firms, small and larger companies and of course private customers all over Europe, we did some serious investigations and solved several cases. Also gave technical assistance to prevent fraud, eavesdropping and spying.

More and more we were asked to investigate deeper on things we discovered. Since 2012 we take on independent assignments in commercial and private investigations all over Europe. QommuniQa Ltd. consultancy services domicile is based in London UK. The image and the flexibility of this city drove us to setup the company here. The choice is to operate on a small scale. It is a conscious choice to keep the agency small so that personality and quick actions can be maintained. Furthermore we have no jurisdictional boundaries and do not hire services from other agencies or personnel. Only this way discretion is ensured.

We must inform you that as an international investigation agency with chosen domicile in London UK, we ONLY perform detective, research and consultancy work at the (written) request of our clients and on our own title!

Protect Your Business. Protect your family. Protect yourself.

Our investigations are handled with a combination of high tech equipment and pure knowledge, which allows us to pinpoint your problem and provide a solution.

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