QommuniQa Consultoría de investigación privada y expertos en tscm Europa
About us
TSCM & Jammer specialist

Our service is personalized and straightforward. We offer a wide range of professional services across Europe, which include but are by no means limited to:

• Tracing Missing Persons and Debtors.

• Investigations on- / suspecting of-  cheating spouses.

• Investigations on hidden properties (divorce or after bankruptcy European wide).

• Providing insight into corporate structures and properties.

• Investigations on stealing from your company or the improper use of business properties.

• Investigations and information gathering on (new) commercial partners and or suppliers.

• Asset tracing and tracking by GPS.

• Insurance fraud.

• Osint & Socmint (Open source and Social media Intelligence)

• Bug sweep and anti espionage services. TSCM.

• Ultrasound & Infrasound detection.

• Thermal camera inspections.

• EMF measuring (Havanna syndrome)

• UV inspections.

• Counter equipment.

• GSM, GPS and WiFi jammer technology.

• Surveillance. (Covert)

Protect Your Business. Protect your family. Protect yourself.

Our investigations are handled with a combination of high tech equipment and pure knowledge, which allows us to pinpoint the problem and provide the solution.

Investigative consultancy.
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