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TSCM & Jammer specialist

TSCM…. means: Technical Surveillance Countermeasures.  

In Short: The art to detect eavesdropping devices, car or marine vessel GPS tracking devices, but also Ultra high sound devices. Service also known as: Bug sweep or bugsweep

Bug sweep to Businesses and Private Cliënt

Providing the technical Bug sweeps and eavesdropping detection services to corporations and private clients protecting them against the threat of eavesdropping bugging devices.

Today’s audio equipment and new types of bugging devices have become far better at picking up even the quietest sounds while being smaller and more covertly designed. Bugs give listeners easy access to unfiltered conversations, including sensitive company data or personal information.

Infiltrators are skilled at placing bugs in places you’re unlikely to discover or even consider inspecting yourself, making professional assistance crucial. QommuniQa specialists carefully examine areas of interest, including furniture, decorations and other items, for covert video- audio-recording equipment and take steps to help you eliminate and prevent future bugs infestations.


Eavesdropping tactics, like video and radio transmission links and installed listening posts, are one method of unauthorized listening and data collection for companies and individuals with high stakes positions or company roles.

Many of today’s eavesdropping devices rely on radio, telephone and server connectivity in your home or business. We utilize a variety of measuring equipment to detect abnormalities in networks, radio frequency or strange noises, which are classic signs of bugs and other espionage equipment.

We have the knowledge and the technical equipment to detect these devices.

Also we have the equipment to scramble these devices.

Anyone can buy so called “bug detector’s” over the internet and call themselves specialist. But can you rely your safety on this?

We are proud we can rely on more than 25+ years of experience.

This way you can be sure your conversation is safe, and your car or vessel is not being bugged or tracked.

TSCM & Jammer specialist.

Spectrum analysis

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